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If you are serious about getting a paid job in Accounting and are close to completing your degree, you need to do this 6 week practical experience program before you enter the workforce.

Employers are very dissatisfied with the level of practical skills University Graduates possess at completion of their program.  They know very little about GST, payroll and other key legislative issues that all business owners need to know.

Many Graduates will want to at some stage run their own business, but they lack the key skills and knowledge that are essential to embark on such an exercise.

If you go to work for an employer who does not know these essential legal requirements, their first port of call is usually to ask their Legal Advisor or Accountant.  So how can you call yourself an Accountant if you are not even aware these legislative issues exist.

You do not need to memorise all these things, but you do need to know where to go to find information if you are asked.  Please do not shrug your shoulders and say…  I don’t know… without checking and researching the information first

The issues we cover in the Job Ready Program are essential to all Accounting and Finance professionals and even if you just want to go into business and understand the basics… which they definitely do not cover at University.

How do I know this???  Because every class we run has students from a broad range of backgrounds and has completed Degree courses including Masters and double degrees… yet they all have one thing in common.  They have no idea about GST and everything that I teach is a brand new concept that needs to be practiced before they can enter the workforce.

Otherwise, it will be up to their employer to teach these skills… which is very time consuming and painful.  Not many employers can afford to dedicate one person to provide dedicated training and mentoring that is required for a new recruit.

Registrations are open now. Booking Deadline is 11th of July.
To download the registration form REGISTRATION FORM 2014 – Standard 16 Jul 14.

The next sessions start on the week commencing 

23 July      Macquarie University
24 July           Sydney University 
25 July           University of NSW 

Locations are either on campus or accessible by public transport 

We are opening registration for the next program which will be available for 5 weeks only. There are only 10 students per class, so places are limited. Registrations will close on 11th July 2014 at 5pm.

Earlybird Discount $250 available if deposit is paid by deadline and the balance paid within 7 days
• Option 1: $500 deposit by 11 July + $2,250 paid by 16 July  TOTAL $2,750
• Option 2: $500 deposit by 11 July + $500 / week for 5 weeks TOTAL $3,000

• Refer a friend $100 discount (ongoing cashback)
• Bring your own lap-top $100 discount

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