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About Exemplar Job Ready

The purpose of the Exemplar Job Ready Training Program is to assist Accounting Graduates gain employment while practising real-life practical skills on the latest technology.

The idea is to relieve the employer of having to teach students basic skills and essential legal requirements that are required for entry level jobs in the Accounting Profession.

Employment at completion of the program

Once students are trained in our 6 week program, they are immediately available to employers at a higher rate per hour due to their improved practical skill level.  Their skills can be proven by completing an online Exemplar skills test before and after the program.  Exemplar assist from start to finish including interview skills, networking skills and assistance with finding a job at the end of the program.

We welcome you to ask them any complicated questions in relation to practical bookkeeping and reconciliation skills.  They will not be memorising data in our workshops, they will be undergoing a real live Business Case Study and processing real business documents such as sales invoices, creditors invoices, time sheets and expense re-imbursements.  They will understand the importance of systems and procedures and how they work in practice.

About the Exemplar Job Ready Training Program

The Job Ready Training Program is designed to take Accounting Graduates from accounting theory to the practical real world that is highly sought by employers.  The Program runs for 6 weeks x ½ day / week using a company’s real life data on the latest Cloud Technology.  All students use a lap-top to enter their data into an accounting software program.


  • Learn on Latest Technology
  • Maximum 10 students per class


  • Experienced owner of bookkeeping/accounting business
  • More than 20 years experience
  • Passion for mentoring students
  • Trainer registered with the Tax Practitioners Board
  • Qualified through University & TAFE
  • Member of CPA Australia


Unfortunately, at the end of their studies students have limited understanding of the workings of GST and the mechanics of the BAS Return.   Their knowledge is theoretical and memorised for exams.  In the real practical accounting world, it takes years of lower level accounting tasks before a student can appreciate the difficulty of accurate and speedy data entry.

Near the end of their studies students have largely forgotten what they learnt in their first year.  Some of this newly acquired knowledge will never be used… so it is important to consolidate this and give them a snapshot of what to expect when working for a real company.

Business owners fear the impact of poor data entry by inexperienced and unsupervised staff on the business….it can be very expensive and in some cases catastrophic!! The Job Ready Training Program overcomes this barrier.

Career Guidance

Students have the opportunity of working in various sectors of the Accounting industry. In some cases students commence in one sector but decide they don’t like it, so they leave the industry altogether. The knowledge acquired by the student can be easily transferred to a different sector of the Accounting industry and be highly sought by the employer.

The Job Ready Training Program gives the student a strong foundation and head start so that they are attractive to the employer.

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