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Job Portal Benefits

Exemplar Job Portal Benefits

  • All students are tested to ensure they are employable before they commence the Exemplar Job Ready Training program
    • Skype Interview
    • Exemplar Online Skills Test
    • Students are not accepted onto the program unless they speak English well and are well-presented

Employee only access to Job Ready Portal

  • Opportunities for paid work – Full-time, Part-time, Casual
  • Fees are re-imbursed by Employer upon successful hire via the Exemplar Job Portal
  • Employers are looking for practical ability – not exclusively measured by the marks you achieve at University
  • You have a unique advantage over the other Accounting Graduates and while the others are all looking, you will be employed
  • Effective from day one – requiring minimal training from your employer

Employer only access to Job Ready Portal

  • See a summary of candidates who have completed the program
  • Monthly access fee $100 / month
  • Pay to see detailed skill levels before making a decision to interview
  • Recruitment fee includes
    •  Skills Test
    • Training fees re-imbursed to student
    • Small administration fee
    • Before and after results to the Exemplar Skills Test
      • 15 key areas of competency with a percentage score
      • Proves capability
      • Shows areas requiring additional training
      • Not a Pass / Fail test


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