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This accounting skills test proves practical abilities to assist with a targeted training program.  It does not test for theoretical knowledge gained at University or TAFE which quite often equates to low results for people who have no practical experience through a real job in a real business environment.  Employers and Recruitment Agencies can use these results to prove practical experience in more than 15 key areas by percentage score ranging from 0% to 100%.  The results do not indicate pass or fail, they simply highlight where additional training is required.

We have a range of tests from Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Assistant Accountant, Accountant, Financial Controller to Chief Financial Officer and Director.

Each test takes 1 hour to complete and is timed.  They include detailed case studies… in fact the Assistant Accountant test will ask you to do a bank reconciliation.  Because of the practical nature of the tests, you can not study or cheat for these tests.  We do recommend the final assessment is done in a monitored environment to ensure the person doing the test is as per the name on the final certificate.  All monitored skills tests performed at our premises are signed by the Directors of Exemplar to verify we have sighted photo identification to 100 points.

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