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Benefits to Employee

Benefits to the Employee

At completion of the 6 week program, our best performing students work with us full-time for 2 weeks performing real work with our sister company BeanCounters2U which is a Bookkeeping and Accounting services business with real clients.

  • Training at University campus’ across Sydney, NSW including University of NSW, Sydney University and Macquarie University
  • Spread across 6 x ½ day workshops to ensure you get to practice what you have learnt and ask questions the following week
  • 2 weeks in-house training in a real Bookkeeping and Accounting services business to put your acquired skills into practice
  • Fast track training so Employers spend less time and money training graduates
  • This results in a more positive take-up rate by Employers for entry-level roles
  • Maximum 10 students per class
  • Mentored by the Business Owner
  • Written reference provided based on your skills acquired and attitude to the work environment
  • Certificate of Results achieved in the Exemplar Skills Test – indicating strengths and weaknesses in over 15 key areas
  • Learn on latest technology
  • Membership with CPA Australia / Institute of Chartered Accountants

For students who are less confident, there are opportunites for ongoing training at a subsidised cost to the employer.  For example, you can work 4 days per week and come to our training centre once a week and work under our guidance on specific issues that might be required for your employer.  We do not just push you out the door at completion of the program, we actually put you in touch with employers and assist you in your ongoing development and CPD hours.


  • Tutor is a qualified accountant
  • Registered with the Tax Practitioners Board
  • More than 20 years experience and is a Director of BeanCounters2U
  • Profiles available on website

Student Capabilities

  • Improve self confidence
  • Can answer difficult questions in an interview in relation to practical skills acquired – because information is not memorised
  • Very practical / hands-on
  • Apply concepts to any Accounting Package
    • Not program specific training
    • Based on systems & procedures

At Completion of the Program

  • Certificate of Achievement for the Exemplar Job Ready Program
  • Written reference and mentoring by the Business Owner at BeanCounters2U
  • Exemplar Skills Test Certificate
  • Add the experience you gain in our Exemplar Job Ready Program to your CV
  • Effective from day one – requiring minimal training from your employer
  • Training on face-to-face networking skills


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