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Benefits to Employer

Legislative Issues

  • Minimal Training on core concepts and legal issues that are essential to all business owners
  • If they can’t find information, students know where to go to research the information that is required
  • Knowledge of basic requirements for BAS and IAS returns
  • Can run a pay-roll and knows what is required before hiring staff… most importantly, they understand why all this paperwork is required

Practical Ability

  • All students are tested to ensure they are employable before they commence the program
    • Skype Interview
    • Exemplar online skills test (1 hour)
    • Job Ready Student – can hit the road running
    • Practical ability with data entry up to Bank Reconciliation
    • Cashflow planning in a business – set-up a system
    • Knows how to compile a BAS and IAS return
    • Understand how  to check if any adjustments have been made since the last BAS / IAS return – regardless of which package you are using
    • Understand importance of Reconciliations… not just dumping out reports from the general ledger

Savings on hiring the right person for the Job

  • We expect you to re-imburse the student for undergoing the training program
  • In terms of training costs, the program is much cheaper than doing the training yourself
  • High level staff are not taken off income producing tasks to train basic skills to Graduates
  • Results to Exemplar Skills Test indicate strengths and weaknesses from a practical perspective… so if they only achieve 30% in Payroll, you know they need more training in this area


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